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Is there any API to work with Local and/or Global Password Policy (read/write policy settings)?

I found there is a windows command:

net accounts

What API does it use to read the settings? Is it possible to change the settings programmatically under admin permissions?

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Use can use the NetUserModalsGet() function in netapi32.lib.

See the example at


    DWORD usrmod0_min_passwd_len;
    DWORD usrmod0_max_passwd_age;
    DWORD usrmod0_min_passwd_age
    DWORD usrmod0_force_logoff; 
    DWORD usrmod0_password_hist_len;


NET_API_STATUS res = NetUserModalsGet(nil, 0,  out info0);

if (res <> NERR_Success)
   //Specifies the minimum allowable password length. 
   //Valid values for this element are zero through PWLEN.

   //Specifies, in seconds, the maximum allowable password age. 
   //A value of TIMEQ_FOREVER indicates that the password never expires. 
   //The minimum valid value for this element is ONE_DAY. 
   //The value specified must be greater than or equal to the value for the usrmod0_min_passwd_age member.

   //Specifies the minimum number of seconds that can elapse between the time
   //a password changes and when it can be changed again. 
   //A value of zero indicates that no delay is required between password updates. 
   //The value specified must be less than or equal to the value for the usrmod0_max_passwd_age member.

   //Specifies, in seconds, the amount of time between the end of the valid
   // logon time and the time when the user is forced to log off the network. 
   //A value of TIMEQ_FOREVER indicates that the user is never forced to log off. 
   //A value of zero indicates that the user will be forced to log off immediately when the valid logon time expires.

   //Specifies the length of password hi'+'story maintained. 
   //A new password cannot match any of the previous usrmod0_password_hist_len passwords. 
   //Valid values for this element are zero through DEF_MAX_PWHIST
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You should have a look at:



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The first article is not related to Local/Global Password Policy. It sets user flags. I am looking for API to set at least Local Password Policy for a particular workstation. From the second article I do not understand what API I should use to change f.e. minimum password age or disable password complexity. – ohavryl Nov 14 '12 at 14:31

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