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I'm writing an automated SQLCLR deployment tool and I'm using reflection to discover the procedures and functions that have to be declared. So I'm using code like this to build the T-SQL needed to deploy the assembly methods:

if (p.ParameterType == typeof(string))
   sql = "nvarchar(4000)";

But this method contains an parameter declared in C# as out SqlBytes bytes and the ParameterType is SqlBytes&. I cannot use typeof(SqlBytes&) for comparison, because is invalid syntax. So I'm a bit puzzled what exactly is the SqlBytes& type, and if there is a way to produce the typeof for it. I know I can resort to types name (ie. strings) comparison instead, that is not my the question, I'm more curious what is such a type with &, seems like a C++ reference type, but I reckon in +10 years of working with .Net I've never noticed them.

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SqlBytes& is exactly the same as out SqlBytes (and ref SqlBytes, as it happens). Basically, out and ref are implemented identically, as a reference, by-reference. If you are using reflection and you currently have a Type instance, you can get the by-reference version by using:

Type type = ...
Type byRefType = type.MakeByRefType();

and rather confusingly, to get back to the non-by-ref version:

Type origType = byRefType.GetElementType();

(I suspect they probably just hacked that into an existing method, frankly)

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Got it, typeof(SqlBytes).MakeByRefType() –  Remus Rusanu Nov 14 '12 at 9:48
@RemusRusanu yup; I've edited to show both by-val <===> by-ref operations –  Marc Gravell Nov 14 '12 at 9:49

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