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I just finished install Joomla 2.5 and then I did log-in at administrator but I got error message

 "JAuthentication: :__construct: Could not load authentication libraries."

AND home page I got bellow message

Error loading component: , 1
Component not found

I download "Joomla_2.5.8-Stable-Full_Package.zip" from joomla.org. So I tried to do

Find "Extantions" table.

In extantions table, go to page 3 or 4, and find there "plg_authentication_joomla" - enaible it from 0 to 1.

but not work.

Please advise me.

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Had this happen to me personally and it turned out to be a bad DB dump. Fixed by dropping and re importing the DB.

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You should go to joomla databases and find the "extensions" table ,you must enable the "plg_authentication_joomla" and "plg_user_joomla" from 0 to 1. After that,it will work!

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-------------------- Found Solution -----------------------

  1. I back up online website's admistrator folder
  2. Install new Joomla on localhost
  3. Replace online website's administrator folder with local one
  4. Then I can login to website admin panel but some errors appear on front page and website not appears. Screwed up again.
  5. Then I re-use online website's administrator folder and surprisingly, my problem solved (I can login to my admin panel and website appearing very well)

(Joomla 2.5) JAuthentication: :__construct: Could not load authentication libraries

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Find "plg_twofactorauth_totp" in the Extension table, set Enabled from 1 to 0, you can access your Administrator without Authentication. If you want to set Authentication agian, just try! (:

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