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I am working with fancybox2 and want to create a nice clickable fancybox with case studies from reference projects.

The idea is to have one link <a class="fbajax fancybox.ajax" href="filename"> on a page that triggers a file (.txt for the moment, should be replaced by a .php file in the future) to be opend in a fancybox.

  $(document).ready(function() {

Within the file there are several div containers <div class="fb2wrap"> each containing the content from a single case study.

At the moment all <div class="fb2wrap"> are listed on one fancybox item. How can I make fancybox to create a gallery from my div containers to make the case studies clickable?

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Here is the basic idea : you need to adapt the content of the fancybox before this content is loaded, so you can define a beforeLoad callback as described here :

But the simplest way to achieve it is to create a web page for each case study, and adapt this small jsfiddle i created by replacing the href=#caseStudyX of each link by href=caseStudyX.php

Here is the jsfiddle :

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Thanks for your reply! As I'm not that familiar with jquery i won't try to create a beforeLoad callback to attach content from another file to the fancybox. I'll keep to you second approch, create a php file for each case study and link them in my fancybox. I'm thinking of creating an overview page after clicking on the case study link on my frontpage because I don't want to implement a bunch of hidden links ;) – Johannes Nordmann Nov 15 '12 at 9:17
yes, it's up to you. but you got the big picture. have fun with fancybox – xavier.seignard Nov 15 '12 at 10:53

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