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For whatever reason, this first attempt at dynamic styling gets me a Sass::SyntaxError on the line below. It looks like the erb is not being pre-processed.

/* app/assets/stylesheets/variables.css.scss.erb */

$headerHeight: <%= '15px' %>;

It's in development mode. Any idea what could cause this?

Here are my configuration options relating to assets in case that helps:

# Application
config.assets.enabled = true
config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = true
config.assets.version = '1.1'

# Development
config.assets.compress = false
config.assets.debug = false
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The scss needs quotes around the 15px part. So you will need to make it:

$headerHeight: "<%= '15px' %>";
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Seems to work, but you definitely do not need quotes for assigning the variable to a constant, i.e. this works $headerHeight: 35px; so its interesting erb needs quotes – AJcodez Nov 14 '12 at 18:39
Sorry, to confirm, that won't evaluate. Check your css, it will just show '"<%= '15px' %>"' wherever you use that variable. – Damien Roche Nov 15 '12 at 12:35
I'm having this exact same issue here. Could you find a way to get ERB working on SCSS stylesheets? – Alvaro Lourenço Jan 13 '13 at 14:50

This is a sass-rails error, as discussed here.

I had the same question and found out that the solution is by installing sass-rais-path.

This gets Rails to work SASS + ERB as expected. No need to use quotes.

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