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I have a page which can be reloaded (no problem) and can be called via an Ajax call.

When I put the initialization code for the isotope plugin in $(document).ready then my isotope items are all messed up. In $(window).load everything works fine.

The problem is that when calling the page via Ajax the load event is obviously not firing.

When I put the initialization in the Ajax callback I have the same problem as in the $(document).ready.

My current workaround is a setTimeout in my $(document).ready. This is for obvious reasons not a good solution.

Any ideas for a nice solution?

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Try checking to see if the ajax has successfully loaded and then call isotope.

$.getScript("ajax.html", function(data,exception) {   
    if(exception === "success")

function masonryBlocks(){
      var $container = $('#container');

        itemSelector: '.box',
        masonry: {
          columnWidth: 1
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