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I have controller method:

def do_it
   @result = "some <b>another</b>"

   respond_to do | format |  
        format.js {render :layout => false}  

And do_it.js.erb:

$( "#in" ).html("<b>hello</b> <br /> <%= @result %>");

When I call this method I'll get 'hello' as bold text, but 'another' as ordinary text with tags in my browser.

enter image description here

I need to hide all html tags and display 'another' as bold text. How can I fix it ?

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<%= %> escapes the HTML code by default. You can prevent it from doing this by:

$( "#in" ).html("<b>hello</b> <br /> <%= raw @result %>");


@result = "some <b>another</b>".html_safe()
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Thanks! You return my believe in Rails :) –  demas Nov 14 '12 at 11:56

I don't really know much about ruby, but I came on this post that might be relevant to your problem:

1-rails: how to html encode/escape a string? is there a built-in?

2-How do I encode/decode HTML entities in Ruby?

I think you should html-encode your original string

@result = "some <b>another</b>"

then html-decode it when displaying it. Good Luck

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