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I have a few questions regarding this topic, ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList, and CommandList in general which I don’t think the msdn documentation is covering very well.

  1. The second argument (to the function ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList(...)), ID3D11CommandList **ppCommandList, does it have to be a new uninitialized ID3D11CommandList object or can you reuse commandList objects?

  2. Does the resulting commandList (created with the function ID3D11DeviceContext::FinishCommandList(...)), have to be released when finished with it. Or should the AddRef() and Release() be managed by the user.

  3. From what I understand when using myDeferredDeviceContext->ExecuteCommandList(myCommandList, FALSE), myCommandList is merged with the commandList that is being created in myDeferredDeviceContext. If this is so can I update myCommandList using FinishCommandList(...) without affecting the merged commandList?

Regards Karl Hansson

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