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We start to admin/manage several facebook company/artist pages. Is it possible to create apps ("Create New App") while beeing admin/manager of several facebook sites? We like to integrate websites to facebook company/artist pages (while beeing Admin/Manager and facebook developer).

Thanks for any info, for us it seems not quite possible to do that. When clickcing the "Create New App Button" (or Apps in the menubar) it jumps back to the admin site selection screen with all the pages (my sites) listet. Maybe we missed out something, what should we do? (Facebook apps are not blocked in the account settings)

Many regards

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You can create a Facebook app only and only if you are using a regular Facebook User account not a business account like the one you are using in your question. You can refer to the question as mentioned in comment on your question

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Thanks. We have missed that. It might explain much. –  eP-Ge Nov 14 '12 at 12:06

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