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I am now trying to use hidden markov model for my project, and I searched the Internet, and found a lot of hidden markov model implementations either in MATLAB or in C/C++. In fact Matlab provides a statistics toolbox, which includes an implementation of hidden markov model. I am a newbie in this field, and I was wondering which toolbox or library is the best one. Is it wise to purchase the statistic toolbox for hidden markov model? Moreover, I plan to use this model in the context of image processing. Thanks!

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I recommend Kevin Murphy's HMMToolbox, or its successor PMTK. But this is a rather subjective question, as it is now I expect it will be closed (see the FAQ). –  Junuxx Nov 14 '12 at 11:18

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First you must understand about hidden markov model first

here's a good paper about Hidden Markov Model for speech recognition


for matlab implementation you can refer to the matlab official documentation


and if you want to implement it in C you can see a very good example here


if you want to ask me something about Hidden Markov Model I'll gladly will help you but I think you should understand the basic first,then if you have any question you can ask me in the comment or e-mail me (you can see it in my profile) I hope this answer helps you :)

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