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In GWT I have class MyClass that registers some event handlers. There is an object (object1) of MyClass that, at a specific moment, I want to finalize and make its handlers stop listening, because after that I am going to create a different MyClass object (object2).

How can I do that? I already tried with object1 = null, but its handerls keep listening (at least for a while).

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The handlers might still exist because the gc didn't get around destroying them. If it is important that the listeners don't continue to exist then they need to be deregistered.

One way to do this is by deregistering the HandlerRegistration. For example a addClickHandler returns a HandlerRegistration which can be deregistered. When and how to do this depends on your GUI classes. You could put the deregistration in your finalize method but you will probably find that these methods are called very sporadically because of the gc and of course because this is not java but javaScript. So concider putting them in a detach or destroy method of your gui element onDetach or onUnload.

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In fact, finalize() method is never called in GWT, because it doesn't exists in JavaScript, so it can't be emulated. – Florent Bayle Nov 14 '12 at 14:41

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