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and thanks in advance. i have this problem that in the plugin when i bring information with an ajax for building a bar chart with "Morris.js" ,every second bar of the axis is not showing the information , but if i write the "json" straight to the code it works fine what is my mistake? here is the code:


 var numberOfSeconds=30*1000; //the interval of refreshing the information of the calls per server
 var x=getTheInfoAboutTheServers();

//The m_graph contains an information 
   //and build the graph itself later we update the data with the m_graph.setData() function
     var m_graph= Morris.Bar({
            element: 'my_chart',
            data:   x,
            xkey: 'y',
            ykeys: ['a'],
            labels: ['Number of calls']

 * This Function get the number of calls per each server
 * return a JSON object to the morris.js pluggin

function getTheInfoAboutTheServers(){

var inf=null;


     async: false,    
     type: "POST",
     url : $('#site_url').val()+"index.php/Login_controller/mw_iaa_rawGraphInfoClient",
     dataType: "JSON",
        success: function(data){

            var dataArr=[];

                for (key in data) {
                    if (!isNaN(key)) {
                        var obj = data[key];

                        var mySplitResult = obj['callserver'].split(".");
                        var calls=parseInt(obj['numOfCalls']);

                        dataArr.push({ y: String(mySplitResult[0]), a : calls});


 return inf;

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This is because $.ajax executes asynchronously in the function getTheInfoAboutTheServers. Accordingly, this method returns the value of inf,ie, null as the ajax function isn't executed at that moment.

To solve this issue, you need to call another function from within the ajax-success method passing on the json as a parameter instead assigning it to a variable

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Thanks for the answer ,but it do return a json and i see the graph –  user1823410 Nov 14 '12 at 11:35
i also see everything right in the tooltips , but in the axis every second column misses its name –  user1823410 Nov 14 '12 at 11:36

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