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I have the following code which seems to work fine in all browsers except IE8 and below.

$("table.availability").each( function() {
    var siteName = $(this).parent().siblings("h2").contents().filter(function() { return this.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE; }).text()

It gets the content of an element and strips out everything contained within a child element just leaving the text of that element.

The error I get says that Node is undefined - so I declare it at the top of the js file and then get the same message about TEXT_NODE so I declare that. I then get the following error:

Unable to get property 'TEXT_NODE' of undefined or null reference

Can anyone help me to fix this or can anyone think of a better way to get the same result. Thanks.

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The TEXT_NODE constant has a value of 3. You can just use that:

return this.nodeType === 3;

Older versions of IE just don't implement the Node interface, but they do still follow the DOM spec and assign the correct nodeType property values.

If you want to use the "constant", you can declare a Node object yourself:

var Node = Node || {
    TEXT_NODE: 3
    // etc... if you might need other node types
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I'm guessing that you're structure is something like this:

    text to filter
    <span>other text</span>

And you're trying to filter out the "other text" inside h2? If so - why not add another tag wrapper around the text that you need, e.g.

    <span class="text-to-filter">text to filter</span>
    <span>other text</span>

and do that:

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