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I am trying to get pic_crop from my profile picture with the Facebook fql query:

SELECT pic_crop from profile where id=me()

And I am getting this back:

    "uri": ", 
    "width": 320, 
    "height": 320, 
    "left": 0, 
    "top": 0, 
    "right": 1, 
    "bottom": 1

If I try to get the same for my friend's I get the same response: 0,0,1,1 which represents the full picture and therefor is completely useless.

Has Facebook changed something because I remember getting real values for *pic_crop*, like these ones:

"uri": ", 
"width": 320, 
"height": 320, 
"left": 0.11466, 
"top": 0.06897, 
"right": 0.88534, 
"bottom": 0.93103
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Possible duplicate of… – Neil Nov 14 '12 at 12:24
Nope, it's not a duplicate, that post only explains pic_crop info. But in my case a I'm getting no valid response. – Ivo Patrick Tudor Weiss Nov 14 '12 at 12:33

FB seems to only return the new large cropped image if the user changed his/her profile picture after this update.

EDIT: the img returned by".$userid."/profile?fields=pic_crop,name"

will be large and cropped but the image returned by'.$userid.'/picture?type=large

will not be large and cropped if the user hasn't updated his/her profile picture recently

(Thanks Facebook for making our life easier)

ps: this is my first post here, I know this is not an answer but I couldn't find a respond button.

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From the docs (highlighted by me):

pic_crop: An object containing: uri: The URL to the largest-sized square profile picture for the object being queried. width, height: the pixel dimensions of this picture. left, top, right, bottom: the pixel co-ordinates of the user selected crop for this profile picture.

It looks like Facebook creates a square image for the cropped version of the profile picture now – check the URL that you get from pic_crop.uri, it’s a square picture no matter what your actually uploaded profile picture looks like. (Compare pic_crop.uri to pic from the same table to see the difference.)

And since this version of the picture always seems to be square now, they will most likely have dropped the crop coordinates – “dropped” as in still delivering them so not to break apps relying on these properties being presents, but with values actually meaning “no crop at all”.

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Seems you're right. I was trying to get a high resolution profile picture but which I would manually crop to the correct position and size. So it seems that is not possible anymore? But I see the crop information is encoded in the returned url itself. "…; so 5,20 is the upper left coordinate and 679,679 is the bottom right. Is that documented anywhere or is it completely unreliable to use? – Ivo Patrick Tudor Weiss Nov 14 '12 at 13:20

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