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I have a little dropdown menu similar <select>, which contolled from external js-function.

<ul class="select" id="select">
      <a href="javascript:void(0);" class="selectlink" id="price_type">UAH</a>
         <li onclick="onchange('elm0', 0);" >
            <a href="javascript:void(0);" id="elm0">UAH</a></li>
         <li onclick="onchange('elm1', 1);" >
            <a href="javascript:void(0);" id="elm1">USD</a></li>
         <li onclick="onchange('elm2', 2);" >
            <a href="javascript:void(0);" id="elm2">EUR</a></li>
         <li onclick="onchange('elm3', 3);" style="border-bottom:1px solid #54616E">
            <a href="javascript:void(0);" id="elm3">...</a></li>

and onchange-function using jQuery:

function onchange(id, index) {

where updateData(index) does an AHAH Request to change the content according to argument index. But I want to change this old source using jQuery and therefore without onclick="onchange('elm...', ...);". And because I've started to learn jQuery 2 days ago, I need some help about how is it correct:

$(function() {
   $("ul#select li ul li").click(function() {
      var id = $("[id^=elm]").attr("id").match(/\((\d+)\)/)[1];

and I make something wrong... Thank you for your Answers!

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I would actually attach the click() to the anchor rather than the list item.

$("ul#select li ul li a").click(function() {

    var id = $(this).attr("id")).match(/\((\d+)\)/)[1];

    return false; // Now you can also remove the javascript:void(0) from your anchors onClick
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By removing the javascript:void(0) from the anchor you can fill it with a valid href that will be a backup in case your user doesn't have javascript enabled. –  jeef3 Aug 26 '09 at 22:42
It works! :) Thank you –  Vov4ik Aug 26 '09 at 22:48
You're welcome :) –  jeef3 Aug 27 '09 at 0:06

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