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I am starting a JBoss server in Jenkins as a build action. The next action runs a set of tests. I need to add sleeptime between the two actions. Does anyone know how to do this easily?

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You can add sleep command (on Unix) in the test build action before test execution.

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As much as this works, it hangs an executor on Jenkins. –  aimbire Feb 13 '14 at 18:07

If you mean to know how to sleep between those build steps you can use sleep with Execute shell type.

sleep 30s
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There is a built-in feature in Jenkins to put a sleep but it is not easy to find it because they call it differently.

On the following screenshot


You can see there is a Quiet period setting in the advanced project options that is "executed" before the current job (project).

If you have 3 jobs you can as well set this setting for jobs 2 and 3 which will make:

job1 -> (sleep -> job2) -> (sleep -> job3)

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