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This is weird, I have the following std::regex (rx)

\{\{alternate form of\s*\|(?:\d=)?(.*?)([\|#][^\|}]*)*\}\}

which regex_search returns true for when given this string (str)

{{alternate form of|abate|nodot=1}} {{qualifier|abbot}}.

but when I call regex_match(str, m, rx), the match set m is empty. Using JavaScript mode in RegexBuddy (which seems to be the closest in behaviour I can find to VS2012's regex support) the matches are correctly found. Anyone got any ideas? The regex looks overspecified because some other strings need extra pieces matched...

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regex_search matches any part of the target string. regex_match matches the entire string. The regular expression matches the first part of the target string, "{{alternate form of|abate|nodot=1}}". That's what regex_search finds. That's not the entire string, which is why regex_match doesn't find a match.

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Thanks, this was helpful guidance. –  Charlie Skilbeck Nov 15 '12 at 18:15

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