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I have this idea that I need to work on.

I need to make a small app, that fetch RSS of some sites and show them like the "News Ticker" on the News channels do in the bottom of the screen.

Is it possible to do so on Windows? I want to show the News Ticker app on top of the screen or in the bottom below the start menu with the ability to lift the desktop up or down according to the location of the app. If someone maximizes another software for example, the news ticker software should always be on top.

I mainly prefer it to be on top, and lift the desktop down.

So my main question is it possible to be done in a C# software and possible to have such controls in Windows ?


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Windows does have a built-in toolbar function, if you right click on the taskbar and then select Toolbars > you can pick from the pre-installed ones.

If your taskbar is locked you may need to right click and select 'lock taskbar' to unlock it. (the tick will disappear)

To make your own: They are referred to as bands.

See more info on how to get started making one at:


The examples given are in C++

Thought i'd add some more beans for you:

If you perhaps look at installing that ultramon bar then developing an add-on for that? - you might be able to do that in something like C# or .NET instead of C++ ?


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Some research on Stackoverflow would have answered your questions.

To have a window always on top in c# take a look at:

How to make a window always stay on top in .Net?


How to keep window always on top

To spawn a window on a certain position take a look here:

For you question it may be also worth to take a look here:

C# Position Window On Desktop

Just make some research. You certainly do not want to reinvent the wheel.

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