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I’m developing a WPF application with the help MVVM Light Toolkit 4.1.24. Here is my ViewModel Locator class.

public class ViewModelLocator
        /// <summary>
        /// Initializes a new instance of the ViewModelLocator class.
        /// </summary>
        public ViewModelLocator()
            ServiceLocator.SetLocatorProvider(() => SimpleIoc.Default);

            if (ViewModelBase.IsInDesignModeStatic)
                // Create design time view services and models
                SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IService1, DesignDataService>();
                // Create run time view services and models
                SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IService1, Service1Client>();


        public MainViewModel Main
                return ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<MainViewModel>();

        public static void Cleanup()
            // TODO Clear the ViewModels


  • IService1 - is a WCF service interface

  • DesignDataService – Implementation of IService1 for design purpose

  • Service1Client – WCF proxy class that implement IService1

I have two questions:

1) While run the App, I got an error like this "Cannot register: Multiple constructors found in Service1Client but none marked with PreferredConstructor.". For that I have added "[PreferredConstructorAttribute]" attribute to the Service1Client default constructor and the application run as expected. I know it's not a good method for two reasons

  • it will result a dependency to SimpleIoc
  • Whenever I update service reference I have to manually add this attribute to the default constructor.

So is there any better method?

2) I want to pass the endpoint address to Service1Client manually. How can I do that?

Thanks in advance...

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so delete you question or add an answer – Cybermaxs Jan 9 '13 at 8:39
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You can add endpoint address to service client by the following method.

SimpleIoc.Default.Register(() => new Service1Client("WSHttpBinding_IService", wcfConfig.EndpointUrl));

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I had the same problem. This post helped me out to do this. You need to write something like this:

SimpleIoc.Default.Register<MyServiceImplementation>(() => {
    return new MyServiceImplementation("Hello World");

SimpleIoc.Default.Register<IMyService>(() => {
    return SimpleIoc.Default.GetInstance<MyServiceImplementation>();
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