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I'm using the Microsoft CRM 4.0 SDK to connect to an Internet Facing Deployment (IFD). I can call the discovery service and get back a list of organisations. When I try to use one of the organisations, I get 401 Unauthorized errors. I've tried to boil it down to the simplest program possible to demonstrate this. The code (with URLs, user names and passwords changed) is shown below. I expect this to output the number of accounts in the organization. WhenI run it, I get a 401 Unauthorised exception at the point of using the service.

// Get orgs from disco service
CrmDiscoveryService disco = new CrmDiscoveryService();
disco.Url = "https://notthereal.crmurl.com/MSCRMServices/2007/SPLA/CrmDiscoveryService.asmx";
RetrieveOrganizationsRequest orgRequest = new RetrieveOrganizationsRequest();
orgRequest.UserId = @"mydomain\myuser";
orgRequest.Password = "mypassword";
RetrieveOrganizationsResponse orgResponse =

// Find the test org
OrganizationDetail orgInfo = null;
foreach (OrganizationDetail orgdetail in orgResponse.OrganizationDetails)
    if (orgdetail.OrganizationName.Equals("TestOrganization"))
        orgInfo = orgdetail;
if (orgInfo == null)
    throw new Exception("The specified organization was not found.");

// Get a CRM ticket
RetrieveCrmTicketRequest ticketRequest = new RetrieveCrmTicketRequest();
ticketRequest.OrganizationName = orgInfo.OrganizationName;
ticketRequest.UserId = @"mydomain\myuser";
ticketRequest.Password = "mypassword";
RetrieveCrmTicketResponse ticketResponse
    = (RetrieveCrmTicketResponse)disco.Execute(ticketRequest);

// Create an authorization token
CrmAuthenticationToken sdktoken = new CrmAuthenticationToken();
sdktoken.AuthenticationType = 2;
sdktoken.OrganizationName = orgInfo.OrganizationName;
sdktoken.CrmTicket = ticketResponse.CrmTicket;
CrmService service = new CrmService();
service.CrmAuthenticationTokenValue = sdktoken;
service.Url = orgInfo.CrmServiceUrl;

// Retrieve the accounts
RetrieveMultipleRequest request = new RetrieveMultipleRequest();
request.Query = new QueryExpression("account");

var response = (RetrieveMultipleResponse)service.Execute(request);

// Show the count of accounts

It seems strange to me that the disco service requests work correctly but the CRM service request blows up.

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what is your account's access mode in CRM? is it ReadOnly? –  patil.rahulk Nov 21 '12 at 14:16
No, it's full access. –  Richard Nov 26 '12 at 9:21

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