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I am new to bluetooth concept.can any one please explain how the file is transferred in bluetooth(from 1-2) and how it is created with the same name and store the data into 2nd mobile.If it is (2) not a android mobile than how it receives? Please explain thanks in Advance

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A very brief description:

  • Open a BluetoothServerSocket on one of the devices which will act as a server.
  • Obtain a BluetoothDevice object (from the BluetoothServerSocket) that represents the remote device.
  • Use the BluetoothDevice object to acquire a BluetoothSocket.
  • Initiate the connection.
  • Use the BluetoothSocket to transfer data:
  • Get the InputStream and OutputStream via the BluetoothSocket.
  • Read and write data to the streams with read(byte[]) and write(byte[])

A more detailed description and source code examples can be found at Android Developers.

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