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In the MongoDB Documentation we've got the following example:

db.factories.insert( { name: "xyz", metro: { city: "New York", state: "NY" } } );
db.factories.ensureIndex( { metro : 1 } );
// this query can use the above index:
db.factories.find( { metro: { city: "New York", state: "NY" } } );

I'm currently looking for a solution to archieve this query in spring data. My first approach was

    .andOperator(Criteria.where("city").is("New York")

but this results in the following query

{ "metro" : { } , "$and" : [ { "city" : "New York" , "state" : "NY"}]}
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Finally i found the solution by fiddling around:

        Criteria.where("city").is("New York")
// results in { metro: { city: "New York", state: "NY" } }

Hopefully this is the right way to do it...

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