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I have subclassed NSButton and created a class of my own, in which I have added the code to show up hand cursor when mouse pointer comes over the button. It's working for buttons that were added in normal views. But when I used the same class for a button inside a model sheet, cursor is not showing up. What might be the reason? Any idea!

This is the code I have added in NSButton subclass

- (void)resetCursorRects {
 * change cursor type to a poiting finger when it gets into HyperLink frame.
[super resetCursorRects];
[self addCursorRect:[self bounds] cursor:[NSCursor pointingHandCursor]];


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Did you ever find a solution for this? – Wesley Mar 4 '13 at 20:46

In Interface Builder, make sure your sheet's Window/Panel has Title Bar checked.

Since it's a sheet the title bar won't actually be visible, but for some reason cursor tracking seems to be disabled when this property is off.

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Instand of Subclassing create a Category of NSButton. and override the
resetCursorRects method (same as the above).

#import the new Category to your controller and try.

if you not familiar with Category try this out.

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