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Is the Yesod Web Framework for Haskell being used at any established sites on the Internet, other than yesodweb.net? Are any companies using it?

I am considering starting a site and am looking at frameworks.

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I don't know but Yesod is awesome, I'm starting with it and I'm really impressed. Anyway, (I think) the app kind is a strong factor (what app kind it'll to be?). – josejuan Nov 14 '12 at 13:15
As dedicated and ambitious a developer as Michael Snoyman is, I hesitate to invest a large amount of effort developing a website using Yesod if no other sites are using it. If Michael decides to move on to other pursuits, there will be little to keep the framework alive. – Ralph Nov 14 '12 at 13:57
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There is a freely contributed list at the wiki.

But searching for "Powered by Yesod" with Google gives 63.200 pages at the moment.

Using Multi-engine sites should filter a lot. IxQuick for example. ITools permit to switch search engines.

The Google-groups Yesod forum has 383 interested members by now.

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