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I am using a grouped tableview to present data. I am new to MonoTouch so i have been following examples and tutorials to get started.

Now i have a UITableView, filled up with data, and want to change the data in the tableview. How can i do that, preferably in a "cost effective" way (where the cost is the phones resources).

I have two classes for populating the tableview, TableSource and TableItem. The class TableSource extends UITableViewSource. TableSource have the following methods: int NumberOfSections, int RowsInSection, string TitleForHeader, void RowSelected, UITableViewCell GetCell

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Update the underlying data source for your table, then call the ReloadData() method of your tableview. This will redraw the table with the updated data.

See also: Monotouch - ReloadData()

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Thank you for your response! That's definitively a way, i just figured it would be a "waste of resources" to have to reload the entire TableView just to change one value... –  Anton Gildebrand Nov 14 '12 at 18:04
That's the only way I know of. It will only be expensive if your TableSource is doing something expensive. The TableView itself is fairly optimized to only draw the things that are visible. –  Jason Nov 14 '12 at 18:40

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