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I have this 1st clas:

 private class proceedAL implements ActionListener
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent z)
        String x = (String)mouseB.getActionCommand();
        String y = (String)monitorB.getActionCommand();
        ComputerSimulator me = new connect(x,y);


and another class:

public class ComputerSimulator extends JFrame
public void connect(String x, String y)
   String i, j;

This error appears: cannot find symbol - class connect

What am I missing? I'm just a starter in Programming, need some help guys

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don't throw string, pass it! it is more kind =) – Juvanis Nov 14 '12 at 13:20

The correct way to instantiate an object of your class and call its method is this:

ComputerSimulator e = new ComputerSimulator();
e.connect(x, y);
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THANK YOU SIR:) It's now working! – Jofrank David Riego Nov 14 '12 at 13:20
Awesome. Don't forget to accept the answer. – Dan Nov 14 '12 at 13:21

connect indeed is not class. It is a method in class ComputerSimulator.

You should create object first:

ComputerSimulator me = new ComputerSimulator()

now you can call method connect: me.connect(x, y);

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connect is not a class, its a method on the class ComputerSimulator. You are invoking the connect method as if it were the constructor, you need to do

ComputerSimulator computerSimulator = new ComputerSimulator();
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You are having it wrong, you can only make new of a class (like ComputerSimulator).

Once you have an instance of that class, you can use its public methods (like connect) -> me.connect(x, y);

By the way, throws refers only to exception handling.

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