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I have a problem about java-me list. I can create a list and add it to screen but I couldn't add any menu bottom of the screen like 'Back'.

I used this code:

String[] degerler = {"StringItem", "TextField", "DateField","ImageItem", "Gauge", "ChoiceGroup","List", "Alert", "Sounds"};

favlistelement = new List("Reservation type", List.IMPLICIT,degerler, null);            

and I added it to screen with this code:

disp.setCurrent(favlistelement ); 

In fact I have a form variable called favoritesscreen, I want to add the list to this screen with menu like 'Back'.

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I solved my problem in this way

    backfavorites = new Command("Back",Command.BACK,0);

    favlistelement = new List("Favorites:", List.IMPLICIT);
    favlistelement.append("Incoming 1", null);
    favlistelement.append("Incoming 2", null);    
    favlistelement.append("Incoming 3", null);


I was trying to add listeners, command to my Form variable but I tried to add these to my list element variable thus it was solved.

To show in screen:

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