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Let's say we have:

  • Physical product development (i.e. not a web site/war deployment where continuous delivery is appropriate but a product with manually installed/upgraded software packages that need to be made available for test)
  • Jenkins CI flow publishing releases to an Artifactory repo

For me, the next logical step in this situation is to autogenerate a release or download page/site/system showing available releases for various artifacts from the release repository.

For instance, such a page could look like:

XXX                           DL LINK              DL LINK            DL LINK

YYY                          DL LINK              DL LINK            DL LINK

But much fancier of course. :) It's overly simplistic, but hopefully shows the general idea.

DL links would be links into the Artifactory release repository and the page would show everything currently available in the repository based on some rules/config.

It could be that I don't know what this process is called or am otherwise using improper search terms, but can't find solutions for this. Open source preferred, but not required.

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I'd suggest crafting simple Grails application, using Artifactory Java client or the REST API directly.

Here's an example of such app.

Those are early days for Java client, but we add more functionality those days.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll check that out for sure. – bhavenst Nov 15 '12 at 15:48

The way I've done it is to have a redirect from a latest URL (e.g., to the most recent release (e.g., in the .htaccess file of my website. e.g.,

RedirectMatch ^/software/bwunit/download/

Then, when I promote a version from snapshot to release, it triggers a Jenkins job to execute a script (via SSH ) to update the version number (passing in the new version number as the first argument). e.g.,

#! /bin/sh

sed "s|*/SUBSYSTEM1-.*.zip|*/SUBSYSTEM1-${1}.zip|"  /path/to/.htaccess >  /path/to/

cp  /path/to/.htaccess  /path/to/.htaccess.bak
mv  /path/to/ /path/to/.htaccess

It's a cheap and cheerful solution that does the job. If you want to show each download as it becomes available, then yeah, use the REST API.

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