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I got a frame-based website. Some frames are from domain-a and some are from domain-b.

I am using Firefox and all works out. I am calling domain-a.jsf and the site grabs all javascript-files, for example domain-b-script-alpha.js and domain-a-script-beta.js, all functions can get triggered and vice versa.

Now I switch to IE-8 and I can see that if I surf to domain-a.jsf, script-files from domain-b got blocked and so my domain-b-js-functions are not available on the frame which has domain-b.jsf as source.

If I surf directly to domain-b, my scripts will be available and functions will work.

How to handle this?

Thanks in advance.

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Done, thanks Diego. –  Jochen Nov 14 '12 at 14:57
Great. I'm not sure if I followed your scenario. However there is a fact: In IE you cannot use scripts from a frame from another domain. What you can try is to check if you have any request aborted. This status will indicate that the IE has block it and you have nothing (as far as I know) to do. You can use developer tools in IE, fiddler or any other you like. –  Diego Nov 14 '12 at 15:00

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