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Please help

I need to install HTML tidy on Mac OS http://w3c.github.com/tidy-html5/

I call the commands in the Terminal and get nothing:

$ make -C build/gmake/
make: *** build/gmake/: No such file or directory.  Stop.

$ sh build/gnuauto/setup.sh && ./configure && make
sh: build/gnuauto/setup.sh: No such file or directory

What's the problem? What else should I install?

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3 Answers

Homebrew has, as of this writing, a HEAD version of the tidy recipe which will install tidy-html5. The following command can be used to install it:

$ brew install --HEAD tidy

Expect this to be promoted to the stable branch at some time in the future, most probably when a stable release of tidy-html5 itself is made.

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I would be nice to have a comment explaining the down vote. –  Pedro Romano Feb 8 at 16:06
If tidy is already installed don't forget to first run "brew unlink tidy" –  mynameistechno Apr 2 at 0:28
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I've just installed the Tidy in Mac OS X 10.9.1:

brew install tidy

It will automatically install its dependencies: automake and libtool

And you may notice, I have a default tidy under /usr/bin/tidy, which has a version:

HTML Tidy for Mac OS X released on 31 October 2006 - Apple Inc. build 15.12

After installation of Homebrew, the version appears as

HTML Tidy for Mac OS X released on 25 March 2009

, under the path: /usr/local/Cellar/20090325/bin/tidy

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It didn't work for me, but here is what did:

Tap dupes repository:

brew tap homebrew/dupes

Then install from the dupes repository:

brew install homebrew/dupes/tidy --HEAD
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try brew install tidyp –  chovy May 29 at 5:54
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