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when I add a Web Content Display to my Page the Portlet is titled "Web Content Display".

So how to tell Liferay that it should use the title of the displayed Web Content.

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Well that is an idea! Unfortunately, there is no automatic mechanism I know of right now that would do that. You can, however, title it yourself manually by click on the title or in the Look and Feel options. –  rp. Nov 14 '12 at 18:01

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One idea I can think of is to hide the title "Web-content Display" through Look and Feel of the portlet and then create a web-content using Structures & Templates.

And in the Template you can specify the title to be display at the top of the web-content and you can use some css-magic to position it where the portlet-title used to appear. It should not be difficult I think.

<!-- position this div with the help of CSS to give the feel of the title -->
<div class="temp-title">$contentTitle</div> 
<div class="content">$myContent</div>
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