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I've enabled openMP using the project settings, but when I do #include I get an error the file doesn't exist. I'm using Visual Studio stadnard edition, not Express... what else is missing? Every page I find simply says to turn it on in project settings and it will work.

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omp.h and vcomp.lib is only available in VS Pro editions.

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Did you add the directory containing the file omp.h to the list of directory search paths? Go to "tools - options - projects and solutions - VC++ Directories", then "show directories for" "include files". Add the path in here.

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I've no idea where omp.h is... it's a standard header I thought so the standard include paths should cover it? Apparently not, the linker also complains it can't find VCOMP.lib –  Mr. Boy Aug 26 '09 at 23:12
Yes, I seem to have it in the standard include paths - better do a search of your machine to see where you have it, and if that path is included in the search paths. –  1800 INFORMATION Aug 27 '09 at 1:06

The solution for Visual Studio 2008 Express to develop OpenMP on Windows also works with the Standard Edition.

Basically you need to install the Windows SDK for OpenMP to get the libraries and headers. In my case I had to install the patch KB974479 too, but that may not be the case if one enables Microsoft Update for VS2008 (which I forgot to enable for all Microsoft products right after installing Windows).

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