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We want to distribute our .NET Themes out to edge of the Cloud.

However, my research through Google and Help files tells me that ASP.NET Themes (App_Themes) must be served from a physical sub-folder of the web server folder or an IIS virtual directory; ergo: Themes cannot be served from a CDN (we are currently using AWS). This seems a major failing and I hope that I am just going to get flamed for not researching properly, but I have to ask:

Does someone know of a way of serving ASP.NET Themes from a different server (and URI) than the web application that uses the Themes?

(Windows Azure could be a possibility, if it is a/the_only way to achieve this.)

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Using themes and skins you primarily style server controls. Then it doesn't make sense to have theme files in CDN, since they are processed by the server.

Themes vs. Cascading Style Sheets

Themes are similar to cascading style sheets in that both themes and style sheets define a set of common attributes that can be applied to any page. However, themes differ from style sheets in the following ways:

  • Themes can define many properties of a control or page, not just style properties. For example, using themes, you can specify the graphics for a TreeView control, the template layout of a GridView control, and so on.
  • Themes can include graphics.
  • Themes do not cascade the way style sheets do. By default, any property values defined in a theme referenced by a page's Theme property override the property values declaratively set on a control, unless you explicitly apply the theme using the StyleSheetTheme property. For more information, see the Theme Settings Precedence section above.
  • Only one theme can be applied to each page. You cannot apply multiple themes to a page, unlike style sheets where multiple style sheets can be applied.

Source: ASP.NET Themes and Skins

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Thanks for your answer Michal, but this doesn't really answer my question, and I respectfully disagree that "it doesn't make sense to have theme files in CDN". Taking the specifics of your answer, I could re-word to say, does anyone know a way of serving ASP.Net Theme graphics files from a different server, but that would be too restrictive, so I will run with the question I have posed for now in the hope that someone does know a way this can be done. Thanks again. – lukkea Nov 14 '12 at 14:58
Well, actually in that point you are right and you can put referenced images to CDN, no problem at all. The same might apply to CSS styles. – Michal Klouda Nov 14 '12 at 16:00
Ok - got it now, thank you Michal. – lukkea Nov 14 '12 at 16:41

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