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I'd like to use + register (system clipboard) only for yank command (that is, don't overwrite this register on dd or other commands).

:set clipboard+=unnamed

won't work, because it introduces dd overwriting described above.

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You can overwrite the default yank commands so that they default to the system clipboard, unless another register is explicitly given:

:nnoremap <expr> y (v:register ==# '"' ? '"+' : '') . 'y'
:nnoremap <expr> yy (v:register ==# '"' ? '"+' : '') . 'yy'
:nnoremap <expr> Y (v:register ==# '"' ? '"+' : '') . 'Y'
:xnoremap <expr> y (v:register ==# '"' ? '"+' : '') . 'y'
:xnoremap <expr> Y (v:register ==# '"' ? '"+' : '') . 'Y'
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Thank you. Now I also use the same but for p and d –  sheerun Nov 17 '12 at 18:19

d is more like "cut" than "delete". What you get is normal behavior.

You can use the "black hole register", though: "_d. I have mapped it to <leader>d.

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+1 I almost never use the black hole register because it never occurred to me to map it to something easy like <leader>d –  Michael Berkowski Nov 14 '12 at 15:37
And it works just like d. With let mapleader=",": ,dd, ,di(, ,dtx, ,d/foo. –  romainl Nov 14 '12 at 15:54

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