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I am currently playing with OpenStack Swift, my expectation is to deploy a multi region cluster. For example one node of the swift cluster will be deployed in the US and one in EU.

Is there a module or an option in swift-proxy to redirect client by region location?

If it is not possible, what other solutions do you suggest? Should I develop my own proxy server that redirects client to the nearest node (with geoloc/maxmind etc.)?


EDIT: One of the contributor to Openstack answered me the code for geographically-distributed Swift clusters does not yet exist in the Git repository. The link I have posted in the resources is a bunch of proposed changes. There is no code in Swift to do that sort of redirection. I will need to write a piece of WSGI middleware and stick it in the proxy server's middleware pipeline.

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Not exactly an answer to your needs, but as you know openstack has a side project keystone, in which endpoints are stored with Region information. If you want to write your own implementation that can be a starting point. Also since their a cdn tag in your quest there is a project named sos, making openstack swift work as a cdn server. Hope these can help you on your implementation.

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thanks for your answer. I also found this project Colony and the Colony-Dispatcher seems to be what I am looking for! – Pierre Dec 20 '12 at 18:03

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