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Here is a snapshot of my code,

Matrix<byte> mask;
int k = 2;
VectorOfKeyPoint modelKeyPoints;
VectorOfKeyPoint observedKeyPoints;
SURFDetector surfCPU = new SURFDetector(500, false);
modelKeyPoints = surfCPU.DetectKeyPointsRaw(modelImage, null);
Matrix<float> modelDescriptors = surfCPU.ComputeDescriptorsRaw(modelImage, null, modelKeyPoints);
observedKeyPoints = surfCPU.DetectKeyPointsRaw(observedImage, null);
Matrix<float> observedDescriptors = surfCPU.ComputeDescriptorsRaw(observedImage, null, observedKeyPoints);
BruteForceMatcher<float> matcher = new BruteForceMatcher<float>(DistanceType.L2);
indices = new Matrix<int>(observedDescriptors.Rows, k);
using (Matrix<float> dist = new Matrix<float>(observedDescriptors.Rows, k))
      matcher.KnnMatch(observedDescriptors, indices, dist, k, null);

I always get the following exception at KnnMatch()

Emgu.CV.Util.CvException occurred Message: OpenCV: queryDescriptors.type() == trainDescCollection[0].type()

I have tried so hard to get rid of this exception and no hope :(

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I am too stuck on this problem. It will be nice if you can share anything that came out. Thanks. –  Dipendra Kumar Mishra Dec 4 '12 at 19:10

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I finally found the cause of this problem

it was one of modelKeyPoints or observedKeyPoints null :)

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Thanks helped me –  Aurélien Ooms Mar 8 '13 at 16:15

Very similar to Zaher's answer - my modelKeyPoints was not null, but it was empty (modelKeyPoints.Size == 0).

Using a different model image helped.

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