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I have two ActiveRecord models both with the same Carrierwave Uploader

Template < ActiveRecord:Base 
 mount_uploader :icon_image, ImageUploader

Profile < ActiveRecord:Base 
 mount_uploader :icon_image, ImageUploader

The images are stored remotely on Amazon S3 bucket and when I save the Template. no problems.

I am creating a new a Profile object by cloning it from the template. I would like to also make a clone or copy of the remote icon that was saved with the template and save it remotely too on S3 for the related profile

Note 'I think this should be a copy, NOT a reference to the original template url

In my controller I clone the object before editing in view and then saving. I've tried the following which doesn't work

profile.remote_icon_image_url = template.icon_image_url

I've also tried some variations such as

profile.icon_image = template.icon_image

can anyone help with a solution?

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After banging up against this same issue for a few hours, found a workaround, if not a real solution.

The issue seems to be attempting to download the image over HTTPS. So, our brute force solution is to transmute the target URL into HTTP:

new_page.remote_header_image_url = self.header_image.url.gsub(/^https/i, 'http')
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