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I'm considering to use https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email to get hold of the user's email address and I've seen numerous examples on how to do this in both Google's own documentation and other guides on the Internet.

However I have not been able to find any information on what the rate limits are, or if there even are any rate limits for this. The Google APIs Console lists courtesy limits for many different APIs, but nothing is mentioned about the OAuth 2.0 API.

Does anyone know if there are any limits, and if so what they are?

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I can say fairly certainty that there are NO LIMITS to any of Google's Authorization API's.

I know this because it does not state ANY LIMITS anywhere within there Authorization API's Terms of Service. In fact, the Terms of Service itself is very bare:

Google Account Authentication APIs Terms of Service

Last modified: April 20, 2012 By using this API, you consent to be bound by these terms in addition to the Google APIs Terms of Service ("API ToS") at https://developers.google.com/terms. Deprecation Policy

Google will announce if we intend to discontinue or make backwards incompatible changes to this API or Service. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to continue to operate the Google Account Authentication APIs (exclusive of OAuth 2.0) without these changes until April 20, 2015, unless (as Google determines in its reasonable good faith judgment):

required by law or third party relationship (including if there is a change in applicable law or relationship), or doing so could create a security risk or substantial economic or material technical burden. This Deprecation Policy doesn't apply to versions, features, and functionality labeled as "experimental."

After April 20, 2015, this Deprecation Policy will not apply.

If there were to be limits, Google generally would have to put them in there ToS, so I can safely say that there are no limits.

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