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I'm writing a JavaScript/HTML5 Windows 8 app. I occasionally get a InvalidStateError when writing to the IndexedDB. My function is below and it happens on the first line. Is there a way to ensure that the State is correct?

**newEncryptedInfo is a JSON object with 2 string parameters (for the time being). It is properly formed.

function loadData(evt) {
   var transaction = EncryptedDB.db.transaction("data", "readwrite");
   var encryptStore = transaction.objectStore("data");
   var addResult = encryptStore.add(newEncryptedInfo);
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If you get an InvalidStateError when creating a transaction, then the cause is usally because the db connection is closed. Click here for more info about it.

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The problem seemed to in calling function I did: if(EncryptedDB.db) { EncryptedDB.db.close();}. Don't know why. Switched to if(!EncryptedDB.db) { EncryptedDB.db =;}. Haven't seen issue since. – SPSamL Nov 15 '12 at 20:03
locigal :). Glad you found it. Btw if you want a fluent lib on indexeddb with more filter options, try my linq2indexeddb ( And if you look in nugget for the Linq2IndexedDBWin8 package, you will get the windows 8 version of my lib – Kristof Degrave Nov 16 '12 at 7:31

According to the MDN and the WC3 is it because the objectstore has been deleted or removed or not available.



I found in most cases the objectstore has not been created yet.

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