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my javascipt function not set value of inputHIdden in bean. maybe someone know the reason of this problem?


public String test = "";
//getter and setter


<h:inputHidden id="myInputHidden" value="#{bean.test}"/>
<p:commandButton value="Apply" actionListener="#{bean.filter}" onclick="set();"/>


 function set() {
        var str="test"
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are you sure about your selector ? try alert( $("#myForm\\:myInputHidden").length) ... also try <p:commandButton process="@form" –  Daniel Nov 14 '12 at 15:37

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Maybe you can try:

<p:commandButton value="Apply" actionListener="#{bean.filter}" onclick="#{bean.test}"/>

this way you don't need to have the JS function. If you want it to dinamically update add a Ajax call such as:

<f:ajax event="valueChange" render="@form" />


<f:ajax event="click" render="@form" />
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