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Hello I am using Mercurial for version control of all of my projects. My projects have a folder structure like this.
    01 – Consultancy(excluded)
    02 – Information Architecture
    03 – Content
    04 – Branding
        Fonts (excluded)
    05 – Design
        Stock Photography
    06 – Code WP-Content
    07 – Marketing
        Social Media

After finishing the static HTML I like to setup a Wordpress theme. But I don't like to have the whole folder structure in my web directory. Is there a way to push and pull only the plugins and themes folder to Wordpress without the other directory's?

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This questoin is already been asked here:… – Greeso Nov 14 '12 at 15:27

Try using the .hgignore functionality - see here

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You should use a separate repository for 06 – Code WP-Content. That way you can push it separately. If everything is in one repository you have to push everything.

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But what about sub repository? I have tried these lines hg clone www-Project-com cd www-Project-com hg init Code-WP-Content echo Code-WP-Content = Code-WP-Content > .hgsub hg add .hgsub But when I try to clone the Code-WP-Content map I get all the data of the other maps hg clone Code-WP-Content sorry about the messy response but I have tried to make it better but didn't succeed – user1073323 Nov 16 '12 at 11:47
Sorry, I am not familiar with Mercurial's subrepository "feature of last resort". You can nest repositories in Mercurial without using the subrepository feature but you will have to manage them separately. – Stephen Rasku Nov 16 '12 at 15:05

Thanks for the answer.

I have decided to solve the issue by creating a alias on my websever to the – Code WP-Content path leaving the rest in tackt

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