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Hi I want to create a parameterized trait trait Foo[T] // Foo[T]??? such that, in:

class Bar extends Foo


val b = new Bar() with Foo

"T" will automatically be "Bar" because that is type it is being mixed in to. Not sure how I would go about that.

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From what I undestand of your problem, I'd say don't make Foo parametric and just use this.type where you would have used T in class Foo. See How to use Scala's this typing, abstract types, etc. to implement a Self type? for a usage example.

However I must add that in practice it is often more practical to bite the bullet and just be explicit:

class Bar extends Foo[Bar]

This pattern even has a name: Curiously Recurring Template Pattern (mostly from the C++ literature). See define method to return type of class extending it for an example in scala

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well, what about: trait Foo { val things:Seq[this needs to be whatver type Foo was mixed in to] } – Lester Burnham Nov 14 '12 at 17:45

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