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I have a silverlight application which is going in one of my CRM dashboards, it needs to check whether or not a specified date is equal to the date on the record, it also needs to check whether or not one of the fields on the record is an empty string:

private void SearchContacts(Nullable<DateTime> date)
         DateTime UpdatedTime = date ?? DateTime.Now;
         DataServiceQuery<myentity> query = (DataServiceQuery<myentity>)_context.myentitySet.AddQueryOption("$filter", "((my_ForMonthEnding eq '" + UpdatedTime.ToString() + "') and (my_ActionDetails eq ''))");
         query.BeginExecute(OnMyEntitySearchComplete, query);
    catch (SystemException ex)
         _syncContext.Send(new SendOrPostCallback(showErrorDetails), ex);

This code generates the following error:

Operator 'eq' incompatible with operand types 'System.Nullable'

This seems odd to me as I'm casting the nullable DateTime to a standard DateTime, so I must be missing something. Can someone please explain what it is In eed to do here?

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Never worked with Silverlight or DataServiceQuery before so this may be a stab in the dark, but my_ForMonthEnding would be a nullable type. Can you try changing it to my_ForMonthEnding.Value?

Edit 1

Ok, so it looks like you're generating an OData URL using the DataServiceQuery. Here is an example Filter that I created using LinqPad:

$filter=(CreatedOn eq datetime'2012-11-14T11:18:38.4769698-05:00') and (my_name eq '')

CreatedOn is a DateTime?, and this works just fine. Can you try adding datetime in front of your string date and removing your outside parenthesis?

        DataServiceQuery<myentity> query = (DataServiceQuery<myentity>)_context.myentitySet
            .AddQueryOption("$filter", "(my_ForMonthEnding eq datetime'" + UpdatedTime.ToString() + "') and (my_ActionDetails eq '')");
        query.BeginExecute(OnMyEntitySearchComplete, query);
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Hi, cheers for the reply, if I do what you suggest I get "or operator expected at position 25" error. –  Jack Nutkins Nov 14 '12 at 15:56
Hi thanks for helping out again, the code above gives the following error: "Unrecognised EDM.datetime literal", any idea what this means? –  Jack Nutkins Nov 15 '12 at 9:24

This is the query I used which worked:

DataServiceQuery<myentity> query = (DataServiceQuery<myentity>)_context.myEntitySet.Where(c => c.my_ForMonthEnding == date && c.my_ActionDetails.Equals(null));
                query.BeginExecute(OnContactSearchComplete, query);
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