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I have a table like:

| id   | parent  |
| 2043 |    NULL |
| 2044 |    2043 |
| 2045 |    2043 |
| 2049 |    2043 |
| 2047 |    NULL |
| 2048 |    2047 |
| 2043 |    2047 |

which shows a simple, 2-level "parent-child"-corelation. How can I ORDER BY an SELECT-statement to get the order like in the list above, which means: 1st parent, childs of 1st parent, 2nd parent, childs of 2nd parent and so on (if I have that, I can add the ORDER BYs for the children... I hope). Is it possible withoug adding a sort-field?

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Including sorting children by id:

ORDER BY COALESCE(parent, id), parent IS NOT NULL, id

SQL Fiddle example


  • COALESCE(parent, id): First sort by (effectively grouping together) the parent's id.
  • parent IS NOT NULL: Put the parent row on top of the group
  • id: Finally sort all the children (same parent, and parent is not null)
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ORDER BY COALESCE(parent,0), id

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