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I have been following along this example to load .obj Model using three.js. Since I needed more than one model to load so I tried this

loader.addEventListener( 'load', function ( event ) {

var object = event.content;

object.position.y = - 80;
scene.add( object );

loader.load( 'obj/model1.obj' );
loader.load( 'obj/model2.obj' );

First: I don't know whether this is the right approach or not since I searched but didn't find any tutorial loading more than one .obj models.

Second: I want to be able to click different models on the screen. I tried this which doest not seem to work for me. Any suggestions on this?

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This example shows you a pattern for loading multiple models:


Regarding detecting clicked objects, depending on your model, you may need to set the recursive flag to true:

ray.intersectObjects( objects, true );
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setting recursive flag to true did the trick. Thanks :) – ZedBee Nov 15 '12 at 8:09

Well, since you haven't provide enough code to fully explain you question I will guess that for the second part you have to make sure you put the objects in an array of objects such as:

var objects = [];

after initializing the objects you do:

objects.push( object );

now you have an array where you can check for objects intersected after implementing the THREE.Ray.

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