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Is there a way I can add a new package to dojo config? I know I can do this: Add packages when dojo.js loads.

<script src='dojo_1.7.2/dojo/dojo.js' 

I want to be able to add new packages at runtime.

dojo.registerModulePath did do this job prior to dojo1.6 (i think) but its now deprecated in 1.7

I am using dojo 1.7.2.


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You can add extra packages after load by calling require with a config object.


    packages: [
        {"name": "myLib", "location": "release/myLib"}

This will however, create another instance of Dojo, according to the documentation (dojo/_base/config). Also, this is version 1.8 code; I don't think it works with 1.7.

I thought it might possible to push an extra object to dojoConfig or require.rawConfig but these are not picked-up by the loader. It appears that config cannot be changed after load.

You can pass a config object to require, so:


dojoConfig.packages.push({"name": "myLib", "location": "release/myLib"});

require(dojoConfig, [...moduleIds...], function(...arguments...) {

This will work for the individual require but will not modify the global config (and hence will not work in define() or subsequent calls to require()). Again, I'm using 1.8 here but I assume it works in 1.7.

There may be another simpler way of making this work that someone else as found?

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Thanks Stephen! dojoConfig.packages.push({"name": "myLib", "location": "release/myLib"}); worked for me. – Sheldon Ferns. Nov 20 '12 at 7:18

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