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I am trying to sort a DynamicNodeList by a numeric property "cost". I've tried loads of different ways here but am completely at a loss:

var nodes = Model.AncestorOrSelf(1).Descendants().Where("NodeTypeAlias.Equals(\"Event\")").Where("Visible");

nodes = nodes.OrderBy("Int32.Parse(cost.Value)");

Gives me the error: No property or field 'Value' exists in type 'Func`2'

I've got a feeling this is as close as I've gotten! Does anybody have any clues on this?


OK I solved this by changing the NodeList:

var nodes = Model.AncestorOrSelf(1).Descendants().Where("NodeTypeAlias.Equals(\"Event\")").Where("Visible").Where("cost > 0");
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nodes = nodes.OrderBy("cost");

...should work just fine.

Refer to Umbraco Razor Feature Walkthrough – Part 4 for more info on OrderBy().

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That's great thank you. I thought it should be this simple but it was giving an error saying it must be int32. I decided it must be pulling non-ints somewhere so am only pulling nodes which have a value in the cost property. Et voila, it worked! – Owain Reed Nov 15 '12 at 10:49
Ah, good point. If there isn't a value, it will return a blank string, otherwise it will return an int. – Douglas Ludlow Nov 15 '12 at 12:25
That's strange, as trying to get the nodes with .Where("cost != \"\"") won't work - it only works as above. – Owain Reed Nov 15 '12 at 14:51

You could try

Dictionary<DynamicNode, int> myVar = new Dictionary<DynamicNode, int>();
foreach(var node in nodes)

and then sort that. That's the only way I can think of.

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I have had issues when sorting on something more than a single item or something that isn't simple. In those cases, I convert it to a List or DynamicNode objects and use the Sort method with a delegate.

Something like this:

possibleListings.Sort(delegate(DynamicNode x, DynamicNode y)
  ... perform sorting logic

Then you can do Int32.TryParse() calls or whatever you need inside the delegate.

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