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When using the <p:dialog> tag (in Prime Faces 3.3.1) with the modal attribute set to true I get strange behaviour. The "dark semi-transparent panel" - which stands between the popup and the page - covers the page size from top to bottom correctly, but when I scroll down the page it is cut.

I think the Prime Faces (or jQuery) is retrieving the size of the window instead the size of the page to calculate the dark semi-transparent panel dimensions.

Any ideas?

This is my code:

<p:dialog draggable="false" id="dialogAddItems" header="Add item" modal="true" resizable="false" widgetVar="widgetDialogAddItems" width="600" height="200">
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I had this problem with primefaces 3.4, setting the attribute appendToBody="true" of <p:dialog> solved the problem. I hope this solves your problem too.

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Also you might want to take a look at this code.google.com/p/primefaces/issues/detail?id=576, This is a bug in primefaces –  Sanjeevi.V Nov 15 '12 at 2:43
appendToBody=true causes some issues with the way the back bean handles requests. This is definitely a bug in primefaces. I hope they fix it soon. –  JulioHM May 16 '13 at 16:07

So, I tried appendToBody="true" and placing the tag in many different places on the page. Nothing worked. Tried even updating Prime Faces to lastest version. Didn't work either. So, my solution was a workaround, but it's because I have no other ideas:

.ui-widget-overlay {
   position: fixed !important;
   top: 0px !important;
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I tried adding this to my CSS to override the current theme, but no luck. I am still forced to use p:dialog with modal=false. I hope they fix this with the next release. –  JulioHM May 16 '13 at 16:05

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