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How do I load the results of a templatetag into a a template to iterate over? Basically I am aiming to load the tags on a model object (using django-tagging) and then iterate through the tags to create a list of related products based on those tags. Then I would like to iterate through those product objects to display more information about them.

Ex, my template tag:

def get_rel_from_tag(tag_list):
       relproducts = UniPart.objects.filter(part__contains = partbase)
       print "no related products"
       return None
       relproducts = UniPart.objects.filter(part__contains = partbase)
       return relproducts

How do I make it so that relproducts is returned as a variable? This is how I call it in the template:

{% tags_for_object design as tag_list %} {% get_rel_from_tag tag_list %}

Basically now I want to iterate over relatedprod now but it's not working.

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The simple_tag helper does not allow you to assign the result to a context variable in this way. Try using assignment_tag instead.

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Did you load the template tag file using {% load 'your_file_name %}

Update:Try using 'with' to cache the result from tags_for_object_design

{% with tag_list=tags_for_object design %}
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Yes it's in the same file as the tags_for_object template tag which is working fine and returned tag_list properly. –  user1328021 Nov 14 '12 at 16:37

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