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I am looking for a plugin that would run on an OSX based browser (Chrome, FF) and that would let me "patch" / "modify" content before it is parsed/analysed by the browser.

My dream would be to have the network loaded content to go through the given plugin. The plugin would detect if the content matchs some regexp and could modify it if wanted.

The real dream would be to have the network loaded content to go through a perl process :)

1 - browser ==(request)==> HTTP server

2 - browser <==(content)== plugin <==(content)== HTTP server

I suppose that many developpers had the need of such a plugin, to test modifications on a customer real/prod web server without access to file/script for example.

I understood that Chrome Extension won't do what I need (content is parsed before extension is executed).

Does anyone of you know such a plugin ?

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Never tried, but you can have a look at Charles - it's not a plugin, but standalone app, and it's not free unfortunately (but there's a free trial).

For Windows there's Fiddler which I've been using heavily for a year and does great job exactly for the purpose you've described. Since it works as a proxy on system level, you can do your hacks once and it will apply to all the browsers. You can do adhoc redirects (autoresponders) for particular files, or define in a script some permanent group redirects (like "redirect all traffic from example.com/foo/ to example.com/bar") - it's extremely flexible.

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